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Jbilet Winselwan

Found may 24, 2013
CM2 carbonaceous chondrite
Total mass > 6 kg

Specimens in collection :
4.27g fully crusted individual
14.80g fragment with crust

The meteorite of Jbilet Winselwan was found in May 2013 and reported to the community of meteorite hunters and sellers in June 2013 by A. Bouferra, a meteorite hunter from Smara in Morocco. Many locals had explored the area. Most complete specimens ranged from 3 to 200 grams and some exceptional pieces of more than 200 grams had also been collected.

In January 2014, I went with Fabien Kuntz and Marie Gerbet in Western Sahara to do some shopping of
meteorites in Smara.

We met there Bachikh Mouloud who was kind enough to offer us to go on the area of the meteorite of Jbilet Winselwan to stroll and lunch under a tent erected for the occasion. On the menu, chicken, mutton, cakes, discussing and negotiating bitterly. It was a rare opportunity to experience a Moroccan fall area, and furthermore a carbonaceous one.

The Jbilet Winselwan strewnfield can be reached quite easily from the city of Smara, taking the good track for about 8 kilometers to the south.

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  • Abdelaziz Mouadine (4.27g) ; Ruben Garcia > Isabelle Pothier (14.80g)

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