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Found in 1990
EH7-anomalous chondrite
Total mass : 4.72 kg

Specimens in collection :
3.09g part slice
21.10g part slice with crust

The Meteoritical Bulletin states that in 1990 (± 1 year), a nomad recovered a stone of 410 grams near Itqiy. Marc, Luc and Jim Labenne discovered the main mass of 4310 grams in July 2000 near the place where the first fragment had been found.

Labenne family gave a significant part of the stone at the University of Arizona which could date the duration of the presence of the stone on Earth : 5800 years (± 500 years).

Itqiy meteorite is mainly composed of small crystals of magnesium-rich pyroxene (enstatite) and metal flakes of iron-nickel filling the interstices. Its chemistry differentiates it from the  EH chondrites and analysis today would classify it most likely as un ungrouped achondrite. Itqiy is fascinating and aesthetically unique.

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  • Luc Labenne

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