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Atacama desert, Chile
Found in 1822
Pallasite, main group
Total mass > 1 ton

In collection :
48.1g full specimen with in-situ photo.

The Imilac strewnfield was discovered in 1822 by José Maria Chaile at the west of the Salar de Imilac. Small specimens were then offered to the British Museum for study, resulting in research and more and more expeditions there. The main mass of Imilac is 198 kilograms and is still in the British Museum collection.

The strewnfield extends over 8 x 2 kilometers in the Atacama desert. Small depressions are still visible and were probably craters at the time of fall. A 10 meters in diameter crater, 3 meters deep is still visible at one end of the strewnfield.

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  • Lucasz Smula (Art&Met)