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Dhofar oriented chondrite

Found october 27, 2011
Unclassified ordinary chondrite
Total mass : 120.8 g

Specimen in collection :
120.8 g (main mass) oriented individual

I personaly found this nice oriented chondrite in Oman in october 2011 during my second expedition there.


What is exactly an oriented meteorite ?
It is a meteorite which took an aerodynamic shape from a stable flight during its atmospheric entry. On a perfect oriented meteorite, there is a point named apex (from the latin term with the significance « summit ») on the top part of the meteorite where heat and pression were maximale. From the apex there are radial flow lines which indicate the direction of ablation of material on the meteorite surface. Then at the junction between the shield and the back part of the meteorite can be seen a kind of roll-over rim (also called lip). Perfect oriented meteorites like this omanese chondrite are a must-have for meteorite collectors.

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  • Found by me

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