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Dhofar 2097

Oman, Dhofar
Found in november 2014
CO 3.1 chondrite
Total mass : 58.3g

Specimen in collection :
3.41g slice

Fabien Kuntz and Marie Gerbet found almost accidentally this meteorite on a plain of the Dhofar region in Oman. Marie saw it from a short distance of the 4WD car ; the stone seemed different from other rocks nearby, but the particular pretty red crust color made her believe in a « meteor wrong » (a terrestrial rock looking like a meteorite).

Only after a while it was identified as a carbonaceous chondrite.

The matrix is visually identical to the Dhofar 1763, discovered by a Polish team; it seems obvious that this is a pairing … and yet, both are 110 km apart !

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