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Dhofar 2046

Oman, Dhofar
Found november 9, 2014 (Bulletin indicates march 13, 2011 which is an error)
CM2-anomalous carbonaceous chondrite
Total mass : 16.57 g

Specimen in collection :
11.57g endcut (main mass)

In November 2014, during my fourth and last expedition to Oman, I took advantage of driving near this rare discovery to try to find other fragments. As I just arrived to the location, I could see on the ground a small, clear and matte black dot. For the record, the Omani desert is full of waste (cans, tire tracks), do I decided to approach the flame of a lighter to see if a smoke and a plastic smell emanated from the object. It really looked on old small fragment of tire. Nothing happened. I had indeed found a new specimen of this rare meteorite !

This 16.57 grams of this specimen is paired with Dhofar 225 meteorite (isotopes oxygen are similar according to the analyses done by Jérôme Gattacceca from the CEREGE), found 385 meters away from the Meteoritical Bulletin point of Dhofar 225. It is the discovery which I am the most proud of.

Only 2 other anomalous CM2 (CM2-an) chondrites were ever published in the Meteoritical Bulletin : Diepenveen and NWA 3340. The Dhofar 225 meteorite is one of these. First specimens were discovered in 2001, most probably by a russian team. Dhofar 225 certainly has a some characteristics of CM chondrites but also similatirites with metamorphic carbonaceous chondrites : « a composition of oxygen isotopes quite similar, a very low rate of H2O, the presence of small grains of tetrataenite in the matrix. » (in M. A. Ivanova, L. A. Taylor, R. N. Clayton, T. K. Maeyda, M. A. Nazarov, F. Brandstaetter, and G. Kurat, « Dhofar 225 vs the CM clan : a metamorphosed or new type of carbonaceous chondrites ? »

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