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Dhofar 1768


Oman, Dhofar
Found in march 2011
Achondrite, polymict diogenite
Total mass : 49.7 g

Specimens in collection :
15.79g endcut
3.32g individual

Dhofar 1768 could be the epitome of the fortuitous and unexpected discovery. In March 2011, during a typical day though unsuccessful of exploration in the desert of Dhofar (Oman), our group (myself, Vincent Lejeune, Fabien Kuntz and Marie Gerbet) decided to make a break for lunch to fight against the sweltering heat, and to cheer on both teams around a good tea. In a landscape of a tangle of mesas separated by stretches of sand, the limestone plateau where we stood to rest was chosen totally by chance. While some tended a veil to arrange a shaded area between the two vehicles, and the others lit a fire for tea, Marie Gerbet inspected the area … Chance or intuition, she recovered about 100 g of grayish stones within 10 meters of the vehicles, completely invisible when driving, and it took some time for all of us to recognize them as meteoritic once in hand.

The laboratory later confirmed that it was a diogenite!

More detailed research in the area after the break, and then again in October 2011 and May 2013 during our subsequent expeditions did not allow to find many more, and only in a small area.

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  • Found by me and Fabien Kuntz

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