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France, Lozère
Fell june 3, 1842 at 9pm
L6 veined chondrite
Total mass : about 2 kg

Specimen in collection :
2.8 g fragment with crust

June 3, 1842, a meteor went across the sky above Mende. A few minutes later, a detonation occured. The meteorite was found near Saint-Georges-de-Lévéjac. It is difficult to find the exact location of the fall. There is near St Georges-de-Lévéjac a locality named Almières and also an agricultural exploitation of the town is called GAEC of Aumières. There is also the village of Almières 3 km south of St Georges-de-Lévéjac and another Aumières village about ten kilometers south-east.

We find an account of the fall in the “Mémoires de la Société des Lettres, Sciences et Arts de l’Aveyron”, Volume 4, 1842-1843; the meteorite narrowly avoided a poor shepherd who was resting in his cabin.

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  • Collection du Marquis de Mauroy > Luc Labenne

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