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France, Lot-et-Garonne
Fell september 5, 1814
H5 chondrite
Total mass : about 30 kg

In collection :
3.5 grams fragment with crust

On September 5, 1814 at 11:40 am, a man called Prugnières, a Captain, was walking into his property of Brethou near Castelmoron-sur-Lot. While he was deep in thought, he heard a series of explosions and observed a whitish trail that cut in late morning a cloudless sky. Shortly after, domestic warned him of the fall of a stone in a field close to his house. On the same day, he went to the hamlet of Gascou, located north of his home after learning of the existence of a second rock that fell from the sky. Unfortunately, the stone had already been reduced to pieces by farmers who shared in fragments. Many other meteorites have fallen on the area, but they met the same fate. The epicenter of this fall is located around the town of Castelmoron-sur-Lot, but the exact strewnfield is unknown.

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  • Collection Marquis de Mauroy > Luc Labenne

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