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Fell july 18, 2011 at 2 am
Achondrite, shergottite (Mars)
Total mass > 11 kg

Specimens in collection :
2.538g slice with crust
4.81g  100% crusted individual

On july 18, 2011, the inhabitants of Tata province in Morocco heard explosions in the sky, towards the nearby Algerian border. A meteor had exploded at an estimated altitude of 10 km. The apparent magnitude of the fireball was about -20. Many stones fell in the sands of Wadi El Myit and Wadi Bou Ifasouan while others reached the mountains of El Aglaab. Hundreds of nomads and locals went into the area near the Algerian border, and began to recover meteorites. The first specimens, because of their incredible state of freshness, reached extremely high prices (about 1,000$ a gram), a fortune compared to Moroccan low average wage.

The strewnfield is approximately 15 kilometers long by 4 kilometers wide. The area is located about 60 kilometers southeast of the city of Tata.

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  • Mohamed Sbai
  • Stefan Ralew

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