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Beni M’Hira

Fell january 8, 2001 at 3pm
L6 chondrite (S5 / W0)
Total mass > 30 kilograms

Specimens in collection :
500 g of various specimens

On monday, january 8, 2001, in the middle of the afternoon, life is going full swing in downtown Tataouine. The souk is just as lively as the traffic in the streets – it’s market day. Tataouine is a very large city in area with over 50,000 inhabitants.

It is 3 pm. Dr. Habib Belhedi is seeing patients. As they follow one another, a great dull detonation occurs. The walls and windows shake. Everybody imagines an explosion toward the Libyan border because the political climate is not good at that time between the two countries. Finally, the explanation comes. A meteorite fell near the town of Beni M’hira located about 35 kilometers east of Tataouine, and more specifically, in the desert named Om El Masbih.

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