NWA 12469 – 66.63g (main mass)


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CV3 chondrite

Endcut – 66.63g
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Northwest Africa 12469 (NWA 12469)
(Northwest Africa)
Purchased: 2017 Mar
Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3)
History: Purchased in Rissani by Pierre-Marie Pelé

Physical characteristics: Dark stone. Cut surface reveals chondrules and CAIs set in a dark matrix.

Petrography: Chondrules with average size 870 μm (n=19) and CAIs set in fine-grained matrix (48 vol% from point counting, n=168). Opaque minerals are sulfide and magnetite. Based on the structural order of the polyaromatic matter assessed by Raman spectroscopy, this meteorite is attributed a petrographic type >3.6. The Raman spectroscopy parameters of interest are FWHM-D (cm-1)=92.91±7.02, ID/IG= 1.383 ±0.005 (see Bonal et al. 2016).

Geochemistry: Olivine Fa2.7±2.5, PMD=66%, range Fa0.6-8.1 (n=6), Cr2O3 in ferroan olivine is 0.22±0.12wt% (n=5). Low-ca pyroxene Fs4.9Wo0.9 (n=1)

Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3, oxidized subgroup)

Specimens: 21.18 g and a polished section at CEREGE. Main mass with Pierre-Marie Pelé

Mass (g): 105.52
Pieces: 1
Class: CV3
Weathering grade: moderate
Fayalite (mol%): 2.7±2.5 (n=6)
Ferrosilite (mol%): 4.9 (n=1)
Wollastonite (mol%): 0.9
Magnetic suscept.: 4.59
Classifier: J. Gattacceca, L. Krämer Ruggiu, CEREGE
Type spec mass (g): 21.18
Type spec location: CEREGE
Main mass: Pierre-Marie Pelé
Comments: Work name PM323; submitted by Lisa Kraemer Ruggiu