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Tunisia (2018)

JUNE 2, 2018
well arrived at Tataouine around noon, after a smooth road to the sound of François Feldmann and Desireless french singers on the Tunisian radio trend … lol

A heat to die for, worse than when we came in June 2013. Unbearable. Go hunting in the morning and evening.

I took a walk on the Tatahouine strewnfield in the early afternoon, I held an hour before having my head spinning (if you saw the Exorcist, you’ll understand) … Picked up a bag a kilo of pebbles and small fragments that I will sort on my return.

At the evening, went to see Mr. Mohamed at the restaurant. Always so nice, he offered me a drink despite Ramadan (I was ashamed), he opened a second restaurant, business is good 😉

JUNE 3, 2018
This morning get up at 5am to hope to hunt a little before temperatures rise.

No breakfast anywhere, horrible.

I arrive at 6:00 in Beni M’hira and chase me. I’m going to the northernmost area, to the dry lake. I am lucky to find 4 small meteorites. I have traveled the sector a lot but nothing else today. Around 10am, the temperature becomes untenable and I painfully hit the car at 11am, at a temperature of 40 ° C. Impossible to continue, return to the hotel in the room, the only place where it is less hot; I’m waiting for the evening now, to have dinner around 19:30.

JUNE 4, 2018
Early in the morning, I left for Beni M’hira. Check in at 6am and I realize that I forgot to take spare batteries for the GPS … I do not have access to discoveries but not serious, I will walk anyway. Fair enough wind this morning on site, it is a little warmer than yesterday. I go south (big masses) and after a few hundred meters, I hear a kind of hissing behind me.

I turn around and see 50 cm from my feet a viper, almost sand color. I almost walked on it!

Well, I’m leaving and I’m approaching the old gentleman’s hut. The sheepdogs are menacing, I turn around and I go north again, beyond the dry lake.

Nothing. It’s 11am, I’m full of legs, I go back to the car.

I leave Beni M’hira around noon and I go for a walk on the fall of Tatahouine. I do not want to scratch the earth so I walk up and down the hill. Found on the surface three pretty stones with a total weight of about 20g. Wonder where the locals find their stones of 30 or 40g … I think it’s on the surface.

Well, mixed record, no find in Beni M’hira, sniff.

Tomorrow Beni will m’hira again, with batteries.

JUNE 5, 2018
after 9 hours of walking today, the shower is welcome!

Still nothing to Beni M’hira; in my opinion everything was raked there, no need to go back. It was a nice adventure.

Crossed a shepherd on the spot, who took out a bag of meteorites. He asked the price of a nice car for 2 kilograms of rocks !!!