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SAU 566

Oman, Sayh Al Uhaymir
Found in february 2011
CV3 carbonaceous chondrite (S2 / W3)
Total mass : 1 725 g

Specimen in collection :
7.7g slice

After a full day driving in the desert of Ramlat As Sahmah without a single find, despite a perfect pitch and boundless enthusiasm, we had on this second day of the expedition chosen to reach the paved road to change of prospecting area. As we approached the main road, we met again many human waste (cans, bottles, bags and tires).

We were driving faster as hunting became almost impossible. At the speed of 50 km/h, and with the reaction time of the seeker without motivation in an unfavorable context, we quickly surpassed a potential target. We had to drive almost 400 meters in our footsteps to find the suspect stone … and realize that it was a carbonaceous chondrite, which had explode in multiple fragments on the ground at a distance of 1300 meters from the road, weighing 1725g and finally classified as CV3!

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  • Fabien Kuntz