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NWA 8342

Found in 2013
CO3.1 chondrite
Total mass : 167g

Specimen in collection :
5.51g slice

Fabien Kuntz and I bought this lot of meteorites from El Mokhtar Ait Hiba, in Tan Tan in Morocco. They are brown stones, very smooth, of varying sizes. The apparent chondrules showed that they were meteorites and but that was the only clue … When cut, the rocks absorbed a lot of water (as often for CM meteorite or very primitive CO).

CO meteorites are carbonaceous chondrites; the O in CO comes from « Ornans », a meteorite that fell in the city of Ornans in the Doubs department (France) on july 11, 1868 and which is the first known member of this type of meteorites.

CO chondrites have several similarities with the CV chondrites.

The main difference between the CO and CV is the size of chondrules. They are much smaller in the CO than in the CV. Moreover, as CV, CO contain CAI (refractory inclusions rich in calcium and aluminum).

There are only ten CO 3.1 in the Meteoritical Bulletin right now.

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  • El Mokhtar Ait Hiba