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Cangas de Onis

Fell december 6, 1866
H5 chondrite, breccia
Total mass : 34 kg

Specimen in collection :
4.68 g slice

By late morning on december 6, 1866, residents of Cangas de Onis and the area heard a noise coming from the sky « like a locomotive ». Then they observed a fireball coming from the north and which fragmented into many pieces. Meteorites were found within a few kilometers of Cangas de Onis, in the villages of Olicio, Villa, Parda, Horigosa et Canaliegos.

Other stones have been found further north, and near the ocean, but their positions were not recorded accurately.

Most were sent to the University of Oviedo.

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  • David New > Gregor Pacer > Sergey Vassiliev