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Allan Hills 76009

Found january 20, 1977
L6 chondrite
Total mass : 407 kg

Specimen in collection :
1.75 g slice

This meteorite was found during a helicopter research campaign. 33 stones of the same fall were collected for a total mass of 400 kilograms.

Antarctica is the continent where most of the meteorites. on Earth were found. Indeed, more than 40,000 meteorites have been discovered there since expeditions were organized by American, Japanese, Chinese and European teams. In the Meteoritical Bulletin, more than 75% of the referenced meteorites were found in Antarctica ! This continent is a great place to search because the land there are usually fairly flat and mostly frozen (so free from rocks) and meteorites constantly reappear on the surface because of the movements of ice sheets. Only a few of Antarctic meteorites are available to collectors since international Treaties signed in 1959 were prohibiting trade in any object or material from this continent. ALH 76009 is one of the few Antarctic meteorites for sale.

It was published in 1978 under the name Allan Hills # 9 in the journal Meteoritics.

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  • Bruno Fectay